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Systems Engineer

Flipkart | Bangalore

● The goal of FDP team is to democratize data access, processing & intelligence
● FDP team is building Internet scale, multi-tenant data platform as a cloud service.
● Enable teams to focus on building data applications instead of building & managing data
● FDP ingests and processes Terabytes of data every day and works with latest big data
technology stack like Hadoop 2.0, Strom, Spark, Cassandra
● FDP team has strong relationship with open source community and has many open
source committers in the team
Job Responsibilities:
● Need to automate repetitive Infrastructure activities.
● Identify the right monitors and alerts for the respective services
● Monitor the quality of IT Infrastructure services.
● Be a good team player and keep all the stakeholders informed about relevant issues
● Proactive maintenance activities as and when required
● System administration activities including user management, quota management, task
scheduling, security, auditing & logging, etc


● Strong experience with Linux/Unix.

● Proficiency in one or more scripting languages (Perl/Python/Bash/Ruby)

● Experience in Mysql and any NoSQL database technology

● Basic network debugging skills

● Understanding of TCP/IP stack and related protocols

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills

● Ability to work under pressure

● Ability to prioritise and manage time e


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience

● Expertise in big data applications including Hadoop (CDH/HDP), Hive, Cassandra, Vertical, ElasticSearch, etc is a BIG PLUS

● Infrastructure expertise across multiple technologies including storage, server infrastructure, data center operations and virtualisation is a BIG PLUS

● Experience with big data applications including Hadoop (CDH/HDP), Hive, Cassandra, Vertical, Elastic Search, etc is a BIG PLUS.

● Ability to break down a bigger problem into smaller chunks is an added advantage

● Advanced Network de

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